Genetic test

Genetic test

Our R&D team has developed a specific screening able to detect genetic variants associated with diabetes and its complications. Our scores for the calculation of genetic predisposition have been determined with advanced algorithms, validated by our scientific committee and a large number of international studies.

Diabs: a unique and complete genetic test, identifies the predisposition to diabetes and its complications

Diabetes risk

Panel T1D
For type 1 diabetes

Panel T2D
For type 2 diabetes

Complications risk

Panel Nephro
For diabetic nephropathy

Panel Retino
For diabetic retinopathy

Panel Cardio
For cardiomyopathy

Thanks to its R&D team, Diabs has developed the most specific and updated panel of polymorphic variants associated with diabetes and its complications. Scores used to calculate genetic predisposition were determined exploiting advanced algorithms, validated by our scientific committee and a large number of international studies.

The Diabs kit

The Diabs Diagnostic Kit is the result of the best technology available today, a single non-invasive diagnostic test valid for all the genetic tests of our laboratory guarantees the best standards of accuracy of results.



Non invasive test on buccal cells DNA

The noninvasive and painless Diabs tests uses DNA extracted from buccal cells DNA.

Directly in your pharmacy

After collecting, the sample will be sent by your pharmacist to our laboratory by express courier.

Simple and quick

The collection kit is provided with simple and clear instruction, to collect the sample in a very easy way


How to use the buccal cells DNA collection kit


1.     Obtain the collection kit

At the pharmacy: the kit is available at partner pharmacies. Inside the box you will find the documentation to be filled out in order to obtain the genetic analysis.


2.     Order the test

To order the test simply fill in a form already present in the package. Once the genetic analysis is completed, a personal account is created where, through the credentials given to you by the pharmacist, you can view the report.


3.     Perform the collection

Following the plain and intuitive instructions, buccal cells collection can be performed easily and autonomously. Your pharmacist can help you with this easy operation.


4.     Ship by courier

The kit is equipped with a free coupon for shipping the sample to Diabs. Inside the package you will find the material needed for the courier. Just put inside the box the collected sample and the signed documents following the instructions. Your pharmacist will contact the courier and perform the shipment.


5.      Results

Always consult a physician for report interpretation.
Our reports are written in a clear and understandable way. However, the reading of the results must always be done with your pharmacist or doctor of trust, in order to avoid misinterpretations and / or forms of self-diagnosis.


6.      Report

The result of the analysis will be delivered directly to the pharmacist where you performed the test. At the time of collection at the pharmacy you will be given the credentials to access the report area where you can view or download your result again.


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