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Do you want to know your predisposition to diabetes?

Are you already affected and want to prevent its complications?

Explore our genetic test

In a single test a complete overview on the genetic predisposition to diabetes and its complications.

A family history of diabetes indicates a genetic predisposition to develop the disease. For example, with a variation on the HLA gene, you are almost 18 times more likely to develop type 1 diabetes with respect to the population that does not show this particular mutation. By combining genetic susceptibility and improper lifestyle habits, chances of developing diabetes significantly increase, especially in those who already show other non-genetic risk factors such as obesity and overweight, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, stress and smoking.

All over the world, diabetes affects more than 380 million people. Many of these will develop long-term chronic complications. Nowadays an affected individual can discover which complication is more genetically predisposed to develop in the future. Knowing in advance your risk factors will contribute to a more correct lifestyle allowing a better clinical treatment and resulting in a better quality of life for affected persons and their families.

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